UPDATE: Oops! The (probably pre-scheduled) posts have since been deleted. She's not quite back on social media just yet.

Kim Kardashian took a break from social media following the traumatic experience of being robbed by burglars in a Paris hotel invasion on October 2. But Kim's seemingly casual yet highly curated stream of updates on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and her subscription app aren't just a fun way to connect with her many fans; they're a cornerstone of her business model as an accessible, trendsetting mom with a famous family and husband. And on Monday evening (October 31), Kim — or in at least one instance, someone acting as her brand voice, such as her assistant Stephanie Shepard — made a return to social media with three new Facebook posts.

The first post, breaking the silence since her update from the day of the robbery ("Kourtney and Kim take Paris") may be in service to Kim's endorsement partnership with light-up phone case LuMee.

"Downtime #LumeeCollab," the post reads, with a photo that may be less than recent: A close look reveals what appears to be a Blackberry Bold in her lap, and Kim lamented the death of her beloved relic back in August.

"So happyyyyyy right now!!! Kim is back and looking amazing," one fan raved underneath the photo. "She looks beautiful but this is an old pic," another wrote in reply to the comment.

The second post came by way of Kim's sister Kourtney, which drove to Kim's paid subscription site.

"From Kourtney Kardashian -- Love these old videos!" either Kim, Khloe, or another proxy wrote, linking to an adorable throwback video of the two dressed as Wonder Woman and a jack-o'-lantern on Halloween as kids. 

The third and final post came by way of Shepard, who posted another link to Kim's subscription site offering easy last-minute Halloween ideas. Kim may still be recovering from her scary ordeal, and reassessing how public she lives her life in real-time going forward — but she's still got a business to run.

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