Britney Spears stans are hurling some hefty plagiarism charges at Kim Kardashian.

After the reality star revealed via Twitter on Tuesday (July 24) that she's releasing a unisex fragrance this fall, users were quick to point out that Spears is also working on a gender neutral scent...that she announced last week.

Within hours, Kardashian's mentions were flooded with references to "Britney's impact" and photos of Spears.

It's worth noting that Spears isn't the first celebrity to release a unisex fragrance. Katy Perry launched Indi just last year; Pharrell Williams unveiled Girl with Comme des Garcons in 2014; and Kardashian's own sister, Khloé, released Unbreakable with then-husband Lamar Odom all the way back in 2011.

Nonetheless, Spears began building a fragrance empire long before Kardashian entered the game: She's reportedly sold over $1.5 billion worth of perfume since debuting Curious in 2004. Her new scent, an oriental, woody aroma called Prerogative, was "created for the woman or man who defies inhibitions and societal limitations" and is designed to "fuel the confidence and determination to be whoever you want to be," according to the brand's statement.

It's unclear how Kardashian's take will stack up, but when it comes to rallying against the gender construct, the more the merrier, right?