The official music video for Kimbra's new song '90's Music' is now online and the singer from New Zealand pays homage to, you guessed it, the music from the '90s.

The song is the debut single from Kimbra's upcoming second album, 'The Golden Echo,' and was produced by Major Dudes and Rich Costey. The single also features Matt Bellamy on guitar as well as Mark Foster of Foster the People.

'90's Music' has a unique sound as it fuses indie pop with electronic music. The video features elements of '90s fashion, backgrounds and special effects. The song itself isn't really about the '90s but rather the memories that came with it. "I've been missing what you love like, love like / I remember what you love like, love like / I've been missing but it don't mean we can't spend / Time listening to... / (Everyday be listening to '90s music)"

In the hook, however, Kimbra does pay tribute to icons when she raps, "MJ & Mariah / Nirvana & Aaliyah / R. Kelly & Mary Blige / TLC & Left Eye."

'The Golden Echo' is expected to be released sometime this summer but an exact date has not been announced yet.

Click on the video above to check out the '90's Music' video.