Kimbra's video for 'Two Way Street' is vivid and vibrant. It feels like it was shot in Technicolor. The singer is the darkly exotic star of the clip, thanks to her jet black hair and blood red lips. The drama begins and is omnipresent before she even opens her mouth, thanks to her look.

The vid was directed by photographer Matthew Rolston, so it has a pictures-come-to-live vibe. But it's also cinematic in scope, like an indie European film. What's behind the red door in the clip? Well, you have to follow Kimbra, who is a sprightly fairy, through it.

The chanteuse appears to be followed and there is a love interest type who she meets in both a movie theater and the forest. There's also an arresting scene where she walks down the middle as cars blaze past her... So much for being careful in traffic.

It's a clip full of mystique and intrigue, and Rolston and Kimbra work in concert to leave plenty up to the imagination. The song appears on Kimbra's debut full-length album 'Vow.'

Also, did you check out the behind-the-scenes clip, which dropped before the vid?

Watch the Kimbra 'Two Way Street' Video