Reality singing competitions are especially great whenever an unassuming hopeful takes the stage and blows everyone away with a completely unexpected performance, as Susan Boyle did on 'Britain's Got Talent.' The latest Susan Boyle moment may have occurred on the Korean show 'K-Pop Star,' where a teenager replicated Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' line for line.

Fifteen-year-old Park Ji Min wowed the crowd and judges with her rendition of the song. Before the performance, the soft-spoken girl engaged in banter with the show's three judges. Then, as the music began, it was clear the girl was more than just another wannabe, as she hit all the notes and matched Adele's inflections perfectly.

Her fellow contestants watched closely, clearly hoping to not have to be the one to follow Park Ji Min's performance. As she finished an abbreviated version of the song, the judges cheered and applauded, obviously thrilled with what they heard.

The Huffington Post notes that one judge said in Korean, ""If I had a big bag beside me, I think I would kidnap you and bring you to my company." We think that's a compliment. Check out the performance below.

Watch Park Ji Min Sing Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'