Congrats to 'Veronica Mars' actress Kristen Bell and longtime love Dax Shepard. The pair got married in L.A. on Thursday, Oct. 17 in a simple, non-fussy ceremony.

The pair swapped vows at the Beverly Hills County Clerk's Office. That's actually super romantic. They decided to forego the pomp and circumstance in favor of something intimate and sweet.

But it happened by accident.

The couple arrived at the location to obtain their marriage license. But they took the court employee up on an offer to marry them in a courtroom nearby, according to Us Weekly. It was a simple affair, and Bell even cried, Aw!

Bell, 32, and Shephard, 38, have been engaged since 2009. They are parents to daughter, Lincoln, who is seven months old. Clearly, they have been committed for quite some time so it made sense to just do it and get it over with.

The newly married duo had said they would not marry until same-sex marriage restrictions were overturned across the country.