Kristen Stewart has officially left her days as Bella Swan behind. In fact, the actress, who stars in the upcoming film 'Clouds of Sils Maria,' has just made her directorial debut, directing country band Sage + the Saints' 'Take Me to the South' music video. Check it out above!

According to Just Jared, Stewart shot the "ode-to-the-south" video in Nashville and L.A. as a part of Buffalo's 'Blank Check' series. Director David Ethan Shapiro co-directed it.

“Working with Sage + the Saints for my directorial debut was a fantastic and rewarding experience,” the actress said (quotes via Just Jared.) “I’m extremely proud of what I and my co-creators at Starlight Studios have accomplished, and grateful for the Buffalo Blank Check Series for facilitating our creativity and artistic vision.”

The video juggles scenes of the honky tonk bars of Nashville, Tennessee and the different pace of Los Angeles as the band performs and lead singer Sage belts out how she wishes to go back to the south -- a tune anyone who has ever been to the country (or anyone who misses their hometown) can undoubtedly relate to.

Check out Sage + the Saints' Kristen Stewart-directed 'Take Me to the South' video above!