Even though she is not Canadian, there was no pop star more fitting to open the 2011 MuchMusic Awards than the current queen of the scene, Lady Gaga. Gaga knows how to get a party started and that's what she did tonight.

Gaga performed her latest, larger-than-life single, 'The Edge of Glory,' which was that much more poignant in light of the fact that saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who lent his talents to the recorded version of the song as well as the video, passed away yesterday after suffering a stroke.

Gaga's performance tonight was incredibly and artistically similar to the video, which she premiered this past Thursday. Her stage set up was that of a fire escape in an urban landscape where she danced the night away. She performed in a couture black catsuit, studded and encrusted with jewels, as well as the turquoise blunt bobbed wig that she has been sporting as of late and which she wore to the CFDAs.

Gaga sauntered across the stage with her signature sexed up swagger, but we can't help but feel like her performance was affected by the passing of Clemons and that a note of sadness was detectable, in a good way. Gaga was not off her game because of it, by any means. She professed her love for Clemons and even had little monsters make a digital "get well" card for him via YouTube and he was a huge part of this song.

At the end of her big bang performance, Gaga leaned back and looked up and blew a kiss to the sky. We can't help but think that little gesture was Gaga's tribute to the late, great Clemons, as well as her grandfather, for whom she wrote the song.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'The Edge of Glory' at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards