After going dark on Twitter, Lady Gaga has returned to the social media sphere with HUGE news and in an explosive way.

She has revealed that she will release 'ARTPOP' on Nov. 11 as both an album and an app, sharing details about her next chapter, which channels "a rage of electronic passion and fury."

In a somewhat confusing statement and graphic posted on her Little Monsters site, the project is described as "a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology" and it will allow the listener/user to feel the coursing of the "adrenaline of fame" through their veins.

A new interactive music community known as "auras" is being/will be created. 'ARTPOP,' according to Gaga, alters the human experience with social media in a Warholian way. It's audio, visual, and reminds us a bit of Bjork.

Users will be able to chat with one another as the "BIG BANG" of 'ARTPOP' gets underway. The album is also described as a "rage of electronic passion and fury." It's a lot of jargon to digest, but it's certainly got us excited.

Other deets? The first single is out Aug. 19, followed by Sept. 1 pre-orders.

Additionally, Gaga will host an 'artRAVE' with artistic collaborators, reuniting with Dutch fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh. Artist Jeff Koons, known for making art out of banal things like balloon animals by finishing them in stainless steel, will also be on hand at this Haus of Gaga event, scheduled for Nov. 10.

Looks like Mama Monster is rebounding from an abysmal start of 2013 -- hip surgery, a tour cancelation that cost her millions and the loss of her Twitter throne to Justin Bieber -- in a groundbreaking and game changing way.

We'll be here on the sidelines, watching her every high-heeled step of the way. As the statement below says, 'ARTPOP' could mean ANYTHING.

ARTPOP Statement