Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' film is, like much of 'ARPOP,' heavy on the esoteric imagery. While there's not a clear narrative threaded through this two-and-half-minute footage, it is full of striking, moving images of Mother Monster.

She is presented in various states of dress and undress, sporting a variety of wigs and smeared with stuff like dirt. But she also feels like she is floating through space thanks to the slow-motion pacing.

In the voiceover, Gaga speaks about the album and says, "This is album is a celebration, my pain exploding in electronic music. It's heavy, but after I listen to it, I feel happy again. I feel lighter."

Then, the title track plays while Gaga parades around in a variety of different outfits, skimpy and otherwise.

She cries. She's dirt-caked. She's semi-naked. She's with and without her wigs. It's visually arresting. That's the part we love.

It was directed by Inez and Vinoodh, her frequent collaborators, so the strong visual dominates the clip and the aesthetic is pleasantly familiar, in terms of Gaga.