Lady Gaga drops an abundance of hints and details about her upcoming album 'ARTPOP' and while we are psyched for the teases, we wish the pop diva would actually release some music from the album, reportedly due out in 2013. Her latest reveal? The album is risky and taking some time to complete since she is penning all the songs on her own.

Ma Monster had an online chat with her hordes of little monsters on her social media site, taking questions about the album.

She compared 'ARTPOP' to its predecessor 'Born This Way,' but indicated that she has upped the risk factor. "My favorite things about [the] 'Born This Way' album is [sic] that it was risky and its own thing. 'ARTPOP' is very risky. If you're not taking a risk you're not breaking any boundaries," the singer said (quotes via NME).

You know what they say about risk, right? The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Gaga doesn't know the meaning of "playing it safe."

Gaga also put down the bong for 'ARTPOP,' confessing that she didn't smoke weed while recording. "No weed on 'ARTPOP.' No," she said, adding, "Weed in the bathtub though. Hahaha."

She also apologized for what feels like an extended delay in releasing the album, but insisted that the wait is for a good reason. She chooses to pen her own songs, as opposed to recording songs written by others, which is the case for many of her peers, like Rihanna or Katy Perry.

"I feel so bad. I know you all wanna kill me," Gaga lamented about the time-eating endeavor known as 'ARTPOP.' She continued, "But nobody writes my songs for me! Every single song you've ever heard by me, I created from nothing with friends. So it takes some time. New inspiration. New sounds. New experiences."

So no help and no partners on 'ARTPOP.' It's all Gaga, which we LOVE!

Gaga placed 'ARTPOP' in the context of her catalog so far, saying, "I feel like 'ARTPOP' is what I've been making since 'The Fame.' It's what has defined me and my fans and we are claiming the music that is ours. I love you guys so much.'

So there's a little more detail about 'ARTPOP.'

Stop tweeting. Stop discussing it on Start releasing material. We're dying over here, Gaga! We want our 'ARTPOP.'

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