Lady Gaga is embracing yet another piece of real estate in the digital space of Facebook, as a method with which to promote 'Born This Way.'

Unless you've been residing under a rock buried at the bottom of the ocean, you should know that 'Born This Way' comes out on May 23 and Gaga is infiltrating another marketing arm by partnering with the wildly popular online game FarmVille for a limited time endeavor called GagaVille. The virtual community GagaVille will exist inside of FarmVille, which is played by a whopping 46 million people each month.

According to Business Insider, GagaVille will be unveiled on May 17. The portion of the game known as GagaVille will feature Gaga themes and users will be able to unlock previously unreleased content from 'Born This Way.'

Each day, users will be able to earn access to a track from 'Born This Way,' as well as remixes that are unavailable outside of GagaVille! Players will be required to complete tasks in order to hear new songs from May 17 through 19. On May 20, players can also access non-exclusive songs.

GagaVille comes alive offline, as well, as FarmVille creator Zynga will be offering $25 game cards at Best Buy, which bundle the 'Born This Way' album with an exclusive Gaga unicorn for use in GagaVille. Virtual redemption will continue across platforms.

GagaVille will close on May 26.

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