A lot of times, remix albums are viewed as "filler" releases that are sort of thrown together as contractual obligations or to extend the life -- but such is not the case not with Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way: The Remix' disc. The singer is releasing a remix edition of her hit album next month (Nov. 21) and an overall 'collection' package -- the cover images are typical Gaga. Both are provocative, weirdly sexy and involve some sort of unnamed substance that coats most of her taut body.

The remix LP image is black and white, with the only color coming courtesy of the words 'The Remix' in the album title. About that lava-like liquid that the Mother Monster is slathered in? The gooey stuff actually looks like her famous meat dress from the 2010 VMAs melted on her. She also has a black high heel in between her teeth -- mmmm, shoes! -- and her hair is teased into a massive beehive atop her head. That flowing, nebulous substance is dripping all over her head, too.

Her signature thick black eyeliner is also prominent. We told you. It's total Gaga! Not even a remix record gets B-list or second-thought treatment with Gaga! It doesn't look like she used some old, leftover photo for the cover. It's creepy, dark, gothic, artsy and 100 percent Gaga. Only the Mother Monster could make goo look artful. We wonder what that heel tastes like.

Gaga also released the cover for 'Born This Way: The Collection,' which contains the original, the remixes and the DVD of 'Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden DVD.' The melted, dripping goo makes a reprise here, but this cover is in color, set against a white background. Gaga is also wearing the big-brimmed black hat from the 'You & I' video. The goo is gray in hue and she's drenched. It also has a cartoon/graphic novel vibe to it ... not to mention a gross-out vibe.

Check out the 'Born This Way: The Remix' track listing below, which features remixes from 'Pumped Up Kicks' hitmakers Foster the People, electro-dance-pop vixen Goldfrapp, indie-pop rockers Two Door Cinema Club, plus many more.

'Born This Way: The Remix' Track List:
1. 'Born This Way (Zedd Remix)'
2. 'Judas (Goldfrapp Remix)'
3. 'The Edge of Glory (Foster the People Remix)'
4. 'Yoü And I (Wild Beasts Remix)' -- Listen Here
5. 'Marry the Night (The Weeknd & Ilangelo Remix)'
6. 'Black Jesus (Michael Woods Remix)'
7. 'Bloody Mary (The Horrors Remix)'
8. 'Scheiße (Guena LG Remix)'
9. 'Americano (Gregori Klosman Remix)'
10. 'Electric Chapel (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)'
11. 'Yoü And I (Metronomy Remix)' -- Listen Here
12. 'Judas (Hurts Remix)'
13. 'Born This Way (Twin Shadow Remix)'
14. “The Edge of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)”