Lady Gaga brought 'Dope' and 'Do What U Want' to the stage at 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' across the pond in the U.K. She switched things up for the latter, an R&B track, by performing it while tickling the ivories. She also wore an iPhone dress.

Seated at a white piano, Gaga belted out her drugs. vs. love ballad and she broke into tears.

She was also wearing her LED lighted wig, which we love.

It was an unexpected change of pace for Gaga to perform 'Do What U Want' while seated at her piano. It's a sexy romp and this rendition was different, but it lent itself to this reworking by its creator. We loved the addition of the xylophone. No, really.

Ma Monster kicked back and drank some whiskey and charged her iPhone dress.

She also sat down to chat about being creatively insane and about boycotting the Olympics. They also made 'Chat' into art, where they did the 'Painting With Gaga' segment.

As Carr barked, 'Do what you want with my body,' Gaga proceeded to paint him and his chest. You have to watch that footage; it's in Part 2!

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Do What U Want'

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Watch Lady Gaga Interview With Alan Carr Part 1