Christina Aguilera has ousted R. Kelly…sort of! Xtina replaced R. in a new remix and new studio version of Lady Gaga's R&B hit 'Do What U Want.' The divatastic rendition has landed – so how is it?

Well, Xtina replaces R. on the second verse and in the choruses with new lyrics and her deep, diva voice handles her parts flawlessly. The two blonde powerhouse divas tango in the harmonies and they match each other note for note. It adds a whole new element of thrilling sonics, since both singers are belters with impressive ranges. Then there's that whole R. is a dude and Xtina is a lady thing, changing the gender dynamic.

The song is about the power of the mind over the body, with quite a bit of sexual metaphor at work. So having a female take over the male parts adds an extra layer of sauciness to the song.

The bridge at 2:30 in is the most thrilling part of this new version, which we like calling 'Deux What You Want' since it's a second edition of the song. At 3:01 in, they sing "Do what you want with me Gaga" and "Do what you want with me, Christina" before fading out.

We like it. It's dramatic, but not overly so. Gaga and R. filmed a video for the album version of the song which has yet to drop. Gaga keeps flipping the script on this track, but hey, she's Gaga and she can do whatever she wants.