Lady Gaga teamed up with R&B crooner R. Kelly for 'Do What U Want,' a midtempo song about indulging carnal need and wants, and placating the desires of the flesh as opposed to those of the mind.

Gaga gets soulful and throaty with her vocal parts, which are juxtaposed with R.'s buttery croon. Sure, 'Do What U Want' is an unexpected duet but we can't deny the chemistry between Ma Monster and the 'I Believe I Can Fly' singer.

We'd be lying if we didn't say that Gaga channels her inner Xtina here. Aguilera released 'Your Body,' which went nowhere last year, and this has a bit of a similar lyrical hook and title. Also, Gaga summons power from her gut in a manner not far removed from how Xtina does it, despite not having the same range.

The beat is '80s electro pop and the sonics are synthy, but the track is anything but sterile. Gaga and R. infuse the song with warmth, heat, blood and life.

The song is also a rather straightforward dance/R&B/pop duet, which is not what we'd expect from 'ARTPOP.' The track doesn't live on the fringe of the genre nor is it experimental. At all.

It's actually super accessible and easy to appreciate, although the lyrics are a bit subversive, relatively speaking. Like when Kelly, who switches between falsetto and a high croon, sings that he could be "the green in your blunt."

Gaga and Kelly occupy equal space in the song, each owning their own verses before coming together and climaxing -- no pun! -- in the choruses.

The song celebrates living in this moment and focusing on pleasures of the flesh without overthinking it.

Listen to Lady Gaga 'Do What U Want' Feat. R. Kelly