Lady Gaga has released three songs from her 'Born This Way' album, and so far, every one has faced charges that it was lifted from somewhere else. The latest fuss involves 'The Edge of Glory,' which some claim sounds too similar to Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas' track 'Sin Miedo.'

'Sin Miedo,' released in 2008, is a dance-pop tune with a very similar structure to Gaga's recently-released promotional single. Both songs feature dance beats and anthemic hooks that suspiciously begin with the same four notes.

On the other hand, it's hard to believe that an accomplished songwriter like Gaga would intentionally rip off another song. She's certainly too Internet-savvy to believe she could get away with something like that.

The 'Edge' controversy comes on the heels of claims that the title track from 'Born This Way' sounded too much like Madonna's 'Express Yourself' and that 'Judas' seemed like a rewrite of Gaga's own 'Bad Romance.'

Check out both songs below. Do you think 'Edge of Glory' sounds too similar to 'Sin Miedo?' Leave a comment and let us know!

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'The Edge of Glory'

Listen to Soraya Arnelas, 'Sin Miedo'