Lady Gaga is on 'The Edge of Glory' on a new song released today from her upcoming 'Born This Way' album.

The last track on the record, 'The Edge of Glory' opens with haunting keyboard notes. A gentle electro pulse appears as Gaga sings:

"There ain't a reason you and me should be alone tonight, yeah baby / Tonight, yeah baby / I got a reason that you should take me home tonight."

Dance beats grow in intensity as the song approaches the chorus, where it takes on more of a rock vibe as Mother Monster delivers the stirring hook:

"I'm on the edge of glory, and I'm hanging on a moment of truth / Out on the edge of glory, and I'm hanging on a moment with you."

The song takes an unexpected turn midway through, when Bruce Springsteen's E Street sax player Clarence Clemons delivers a solo in his unmistakable style. The emotional solo leads into a climactic final chorus, a powerful way to end the record.

Gaga wrote the song after the death of her grandfather. In interviews, Gaga has stated the song is about a person's last moment before leaving the earth. If that's the case, what a fun way to go out!

We'd love to see Clemons someday join Gaga on stage to perform this one. The 'Born This Way' album finally arrives on May 23.


Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Edge of Glory'