Watch out, Lady Gaga! This young fan is coming for your pop performance crown.

A video of a little boy dancing to Mother Monster’s ‘Bad Romance’ proves that big things can come in little packages, because the kid has a whopping amount of spunk and attitude! He imitated the best of Gaga’s moves, shaking his hips and popping his shoulders all over the stage.

This guy is building a fan army of his own, starting with the fellow kids that stop by the stage at the end of his routine, and now spreading to the internet, with over 44,000 shares on Facebook.

Hopefully with the video taking off and going viral, Lady Gaga herself will get a glimpse of the dance routine. Anyone that loves Gaga this much — and isn’t afraid to show it — deserves some recognition from his or her idol!

Editor's note: PopCrush has been asked to remove the video.