Well, this news is hardly shocking!

Lady Gaga's love affair with fashion is well-documented, with the singer redefining both street style and deconstructing couture all the while being awarded "Fashion Icon" status by the CFDA. The fashion world hearts Gaga with the same fervor and zeal so it's no shock that the singer wants to launch her own fashion label and line one day. However, she's got a laser-like focus on one aspect of her creativity right now and that's her music.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Gaga has designs on her own collection. "I really, really have such admiration for fashion designers and I'm such good friends with them,” Gaga said at the press room at the MuchMusic Awards on Sunday night, which she opened and closed. "I'd love to have a fashion line when I stop making music for a while, for a year. But that's not going to happen soon. I’m in love with songwriting right now."

Gaga also spoke about the intrusion of the media into her life, one that she readily invites. "I would say the press is your friend, and it’s all an art form," Gaga said diplomatically, since the press can tear a celeb down as quickly as they build them up. "You choose what the public views and what the public sees of you. And I believe I'm in public all the time." That's certainly true, as Gaga blankets media outlets.

The Mother Monster also revealed she maintains her East Side dwelling and won't be parting ways with it, even though she is increasingly finding herself in on the Left Coast in Los Angeles. "I wrote so much music in that place, I got so inspired living there," Gaga said about her humble abode. "Part of me is terrified that if I leave, the courage and feeling of survival in New York City will leave my spirit."

We're pretty confident that Gaga is financially sound enough to be able to hold residences on both coasts. You can take the girl out of the New York apartment, but you can't take the spirit of New York out of the girl, even if she is the biggest pop star on earth.

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