Killed it. Slayed it. Owned it. Blew our minds. That's all we can say about Lady Gaga's dramatic, a cappella and lyrically altered rendition of the national anthem at the NYC Gay Pride rally in NYC last night (June 28). Gaga slightly amended the lyrics to reflect the event, which may inspire the ire of staunch patriots.

Mama Monster, who's been low profile since her tour-ending hip surgery in February, delivered a passionate and beautiful version of the song while holding a rainbow flag in her hand. She wore a black dress, with her white blonde hair fashioned in an angled, shoulder-skimming bob.

Gaga proved that the (rainbow) flag was still there!

She altered the lyrics, singing "Oh say does that star-spangled flag of pride yet wave," which was met with an eruption of cheers. While a lot of Americans take issue with the lyrics of the song being changed in any way, Gaga added a few words in honor of the sweeping changes and reform taking place in America in the wake of the DOMA decision.

She's pop music's patron saint of the gay community in this day and age, and she sang with a fire in her belly.

Oh, how we missed that voice!

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