Lady Gaga stepped out onto the streets of New York City today in an outfit that screamed the '80s from head to toe.

After sharing with fans on Instagram a photo of her new blown out, dark curly hair with the caption, "I am my new hair," she stepped out dressed in an oversized sequined top with a panther image on it. Her face was shaded white with thick, dark eyebrows and bright red lipstick. Gaga also sported black fishnets and boots to complete the look.

We can't say for sure what inspired Gaga for the look, but the big hair and white makeup reminds us a little bit of Richard O'Brien in the 1975 cult classic, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.' The fishnets and sequined shirt, however, does remind us of the '80s hair metal days.

Nevertheless, it isn't Gaga if it isn't shocking!

Lady Gaga steps out with her new hair and '80s-inspired outfit.


 Gaga passes by a crowd of people adoring fans.


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