Lady Gaga's 'G.U.Y.' video is a nearly 12-minute 'ARTPOP' film that finds our heroine portrayed as an angel who has fallen to earth with an arrow piercing her through the back. Her wings are badly damaged. But she is eventually reborn. Is this an extended career metaphor for Ma Monster?

It'd seem so. The cinematic clip opens with the title track of her latest, much-maligned album. While business men in suits tussle as bills fly -- perhaps a reference to those who made money off Gaga at her apex and ditched her? -- the wounded warrior struggles to her feet. She falls a lot.

Gaga is carried through the Hearst Castle, barely alive, while 'Venus' plays in the background. Yes, 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' are there playing instruments. Is that Andy Cohen in the sky? Yep, he's Zeus.

The music for 'G.U.Y.' begins and Gaga is eventually reborn as a beautiful, powerful, white-haired goddess, dancing dramatically and suggestively while looking like a younger, sexier Donatella Versace.

Keep your eyes peeled for Michael Jackson, Jesus and John Lennon doppelgangers. Her inspiration to keep going, perhaps?

This is the Gaga we know and love -- dancing confidently and entertaining us with her moves and her music.

The credits roll like a film. We sat through 'em to see if there were any hidden scenes. There weren't, but at least we got to listen to 'Manicure,' which blasted during the credits.

We picked up what Gaga was putting down: She may get knocked down but she will always get back up.