Has Blue Ivy fever caught up with Lady Gaga? In the wake of her 'Telephone' duet partner Beyonce giving birth to her first daughter, the Mother Monster revealed she wants to be a mother, literally! But Gaga has very specific procreation desires in keeping with her Italian Catholic upbringing. She wants the child to be Italian and it'll be an immaculate conception, since she wants to be artificially inseminated!

According to the Daily Mail, Gaga told Spain's Radio Ibiza that whomever sires her child will have to have the same Italian heritage. You know, we hate to add fuel to the fire that is the Gaga/Madonna feud, but anyone out there old enough remember that Madge (born Madonna Louise Ciccone, an Italian name if there ever was one!) used to wear a T-shirt that read "Italians Do It Better," which she proudly sported in the 'Papa Don't Preach' video? Is this another way Gaga is being "reductive?"

Now back to this baby bidness. Gaga reportedly said, "I want a baby from an Italian -- possibly Sicilian -- donor." Gaga's dad Joe Germanotta is from the Naso village in Sicily, so her desire for a Sicilian man is not surprising.

Gaga is likely just planning ahead, so don’t fret, little monsters. Just because Gaga is talking about babies doesn't mean she is rushing out to the sperm bank. The Italian media checked in with Severino Antinori, Italy's leading artificial insemination medic to see if he had been consulting Gaga on her desire to spawn Sicilian babies. He curtly states, "I don't talk about my patients."