Lady Gaga is not just the Mother Monster. She is the mother of all social networking strategists and she further opened up her online empire by creating a Tumblr, which MTV reports caused a slow down of the blogging enterprise's servers as people flocked to her page to view it and to add her to their networks.

Gaga' Tumblr, which is named "Amen Fashion," is located here and it already boasts a bunch of black and white, artful photos of Gaga, which feel very behind-the-scenes and high fashion at once. She sports a massive blond beehive atop her head in two shots; these could have been shot for a fashion editorial spread!

PopCrush's personal fave? The picture of a heart on a blue pillow, which is bordered by the phrase: "He ate my heart, so I put his in the 'Alejandro' video." It's a reference to a poem and one of her most famous videos. We heart how Gaga mashes up mediums at every possible turn.

We can expect this to be a visual Tumblr, with lots of photos of Gaga, who is a chameleon changing her look on a daily basis. We also expect it to document her love affair with fashion, which is a crucial part of the cult of Gaga personality. It's looser than an official website, but just as revelatory as her tweets; it's just accompanied by more photos.

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