"Vintage" footage of Lady Gaga in a back alley before she was the biggest name in pop music has surfaced. No, it's not of the she-was-young-and-needed-the-money-sort, either. As if! The clips are of Gaga getting inked in a questionable location by celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, late of 'LA Ink' and 'Miami Ink.' Kat tatts Gaga in an alley, working out of a hatchback!

Gaga, dressed in skintight blue, disco-style spandex pants that look like she borrowed them from Superman and then deconstructed 'em herself, and a flimsy top, tells Kat that she is an artist who also writes songs for other people. She reveals that has just moved to L.A. and has written for New Kids on the Block. Oh, how hindsight is 20/20.

Gaga's hair is blond, hangs past her shoulders and is finished off by blunt bangs. This was one of her earliest looks as she began to ascend the ranks of fame and it's one she has not returned too much! She is also rocking huge sunglasses. She reveals that she is 22, so this was just three years ago, as any self-respecting little monster knows that Gaga is now 25.

We've heard of selling tapes and CDs out of a trunk, but getting a tattoo out of one?  It's not exactly sanitary, but it's what happens here, as Kat stashes the tools of her trade in the trunk of a red car and Gaga sits on a stool and gets her lower back inked in an alley. The ink Gaga gets from Kat is a continuation of the tatt that comes down from her rib cage and twists across her lower back. No, it's not a tramp stamp. This is Lady Gaga we're talking about.

Gaga's shapely booty is in Kat's face the entire time, as she talks about elegance of tattoos, and comments that she thinks Kat's very beautiful and her tattoos, are too. It's worth noting that she still sounds like the same ol' Gaga in interviews. She is friendly, open and sweet now and she was then. She has not changed how she speaks to people, despite her rocket ride to fame. We love that she still had the same revealing and outrageous fashion sense while she was on her way up, too. Granted, she has pushed the envelope even more now, simply because she can -- but back then, it was still heels, skintight clothes and flashes of her porcelain skin.

Gaga speaks about her Italian family and eating homemade meatballs. We know them now as the Germanottas, but back then, this clip is just about a struggling pop star who is referencing her tight-knit, Italian family. She says her family had "a heart attack" when she got her first tattoo, too.

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