Little monsters, you can go home!

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters social networking site finally and officially launched yesterday (July 10.) The site is a place for Gaga fans to congregate, get to know one another and swap stories and photos. It's now up and running. The homepage offers a simple salutation. It reads: "Welcome Home, Little Monsters." Gaga is accepting you with open digital arms.

You can sign up via other social media applications, such as Facebook or Twitter. All things Gaga are open for discussion, from her shoes to her turn on 'The Simpsons.'

While you are there, create a profile and follow other littler monsters. It's like Gaga's own branded Facebook, and the back end is handled by Backplane, a digital start up that creates social media platforms that cater to specific brands, people and interests, according to ABC. So we can only predict that more sites like this are on the way for other pop stars and Mother Monster's peers.

The singer, who has the most Twitter followers of anyone who uses the 140-character messaging service with a cool 26 million people hanging on her every thumb-typed transmission, has manipulated the digital space in brilliant fashion. She just joined Instagram, so lil' monsters can expect lots and lots of artsy photos of their heroine in the coming weeks.

Did you join Gaga's social networking site yet?

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