This head-spinning remix of Lady Gaga's 'Marry The Night' -- one of the five bonus remixes that are included on the supersized deluxe edition of 'Born This Way' -- features beats that are loud and land with an even bigger thud; so it certainly gives the listener more bang for their buck.

Most monsters will prefer the original, but the Zedd Remix is a twist on a killer song that certain subsets of Gaga fans will gravitate towards because of it's dark tone. It's also a testament to solid songwriting when a song can be given a somewhat radical face lift and still assert itself to the ear.

We love how the song starts out with Gaga's voice and the piano melody before the thumping and mechanized beats take over for the verse. Gaga's engagement to all things nocturnal is well-documented, and this remix buzzes and hums, as well as forces the underground clubs to jack curfew for the sake of dancing until the world ends (to borrow a phrase from Britney Spears).

The beats take center stage on this remix -- something that is customary for the remix format -- and for once, it's Gaga's voice that becomes the secondary element. The synthy, key-driven re-imagining of the song will get the booties grooving. Gaga recently said that she loves the dance; but at heart, she is a songwriter and this song marries both ends of her musical personality.

Most of the songs on 'Born This Way' are big (epic, even) in scope and 'Marry the Night' is no different in both the original and remix versions.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Marry the Night (Zedd Remix)'