Lady Gaga is proving herself quite the patriot as she tweets words of encouragement to American Olympians competing in London. The native New Yorker sent her love to the Fab Five (aka the 2012 U.S. women's gymnastics team), which took home the gold for the first time since 1996.

But Gaga also engaged in a cute Twitter conversation with McKayla Maroney, one of the Fab Five.

They sound like girlfriends with their back and forth convo, after Gaga got passed being starstruck when she discovered the fact that Maroney was tweeting her. Aw! The Mother Monster has 28 million followers, so it's likely that she misses tweets here and there.

Gaga first tweeted her joy at how well the Fab Five is doing. That tweet is below.

Gaga and McKayla began tweeting back and forth, with McKayla saying that the team loves the Mother Monster's music and that they heard she was a gymnast. Gaga revealed she ditched the balance beam for ballet flats and asked McKayla to give the rest of the Fab Five a kiss for her. OMG, this is too cute. It must be amazing for athletes to engage in direct convos with major pop stars who root for them similarly. It's nice for the Fab Five to know they have the support of the biggest pop diva on earth! Adorbs!

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