Lady Gaga went on a Japanese talk show this week, and while she teased about her plans for a new tour, she also appeared dressed as a panda of sorts. A fashionable panda, mind you, as she wore a geometric black and white frock, which she admitted was crafted by a young Japanese designer. She then whipped off her bedazzled shades to reveal two, inky black circles painted around her eyes, Panda-style.

The panda-fied Gaga starts out her chat with the fast-talking hosts by saying that she is "eating a lot of bamboo this week." She has hair wrapped in tight knots on the side of her head, Princess Leia style. She also declared, "I really like pandas," pointing out that "pandas have paws, and I always tell my fans to put their paws up." We also loved her fingerless black leather gloves, which covered her paws, which also boasted long black nails, another Panda-like feature.

"Gagapanda," as she later called herself on Twitter, also said fashion and clothing a part of her heart and her spirit. That, we don't doubt.

Gaga said that her professional dream is "to continue to make music and tour and do as much as I can to give as much back to my fans." But as for her personal dreams? Those are very black and white, literally. "I suppose one day I'll have panda babies," she said. Okay, Gaga is really taking the panda motif to the extreme. But did we expect anything less? No way.

Clearly, there are lots of cultural differences and there is also quite the language barrier in this interview, but Gaga handles herself with grace and class as she plays a game called "Yes or No." She is asked about Twitter, cooking and her attire, among other things.

She is also a Godzilla gal, saying, "I love Japanese monster movies. I actually believe in ancestors. I have a lot of family in my past, like my Aunt Joann and my grandfather, that have passed on and I talk to them."

Here are some other key revelations made by Gaga.

In 2012, she plans to tour "all over the world and I'm already planning. I'm so excited I can't even go to sleep at night." While she continues to traipse across the globe, she does have a single fear: Missing La Famiglia Germanotta back home. "The only thing I really get scared of is missing out on moments with my family 'cause I travel so much, so I call my mom and dad every day."

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