Lady Gaga cruised into Germany to play the 2011 Bambi Awards in Wiesbaden last night (Nov. 10). Literally! Gaga performed most of her new single 'Marry the Night' while seated at a muscle car-shaped piano. She's already shown that she's a gearhead with her motorcycle-shaped piano at the iHeart Radio festival. She stepped it up a notch for the Germans with her sleek black instrument-ride. Or is it ride-instrument?

The stage lighting was hushed and in dark tones, mimicking the night. There was a lot of echo when Gaga began to perform, but she still sounded crisp. Dressed in a silky, strapless black gown with a massive train, a black beret, black shades and pointy black daggers, Gaga was the Monster of the night! The only color came from her bright red lipstick. The license plate on her muscle car, which looked like a Corvette, read "Mother" as in Mother Monster. It's the coolest piano we've ever seen.

Gaga started out the song slow, but by the time she arrived at the second verse, she sped things up, dancing while seated at her car-piano. She eventually stood up and danced in place a little, since her outfit was not exactly designed for dancing. She hopped on the back bumper of the car and sang to the heavens, moving as much as she could. She was certainly constricted by her couture attire.

Good thing there were two guitarists onstage feeding off her energy!

Later that evening, Gaga took home the Pop International Award at the show. Congrats.

We sort of wished Gaga had performed 'Scheiße,' the 'Born This Way' song where she speaks in fake German. That whole "When in Germany…" thing, you know? But then again, she has a new single to promote.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Marry the Night' at the 2011 Bambi Awards