One outfit. One pop star. Two very angry groups of people.

Lady Gaga wore a blush-colored burqa, adorned with fur, while carrying a colorful clutch with the infamous"C" word on it. We were actually taken by that huge blue starburst-style ring she was wearing, but that's beside the point. Her outfit caused a perfect storm of controversy, since the combo sparked the ire of animal rights activists in PETA yet again, as well as Muslim groups.

Gaga and PETA have been going at it all summer. Furgate was a big deal, with PETA evetnually calling her heartless. They did get her  to respond vaguely, saying she doesn't take kindly to being bullied and that she is against skinned fur. She also tacked on the condition that she might cave if she came across a fur coat that looked like a work of art. Gaga never confirmed or denied that her furs (which she wore in August, mind you) were synthetic materials, either. It's been a brouhaha for several months.

Now, The Chicago Sun Times reports that some PETA extremists are targeting her even further. Instead of simply calling her out in the press, they are planning a physical attack . A source said, "I’m hearing they are going to try and personally attack Gaga — spraying her with paint or even throwing feces at her." Yikes.

A Gaga source reportedly claims that she's not worried, saying "She just loves sticking it to those PETA people."

The PETA problem is much less serious and less frightening than the Islamic organizations that are furious over the burqa she wore to Philip Treacy's show during London Fashion Week. Turns out that flower headpiece wasn't the only "attire" that got people talking.

The Muslims aren't so mad about the fact that she wore a burqa -- what's got them so upset is that her clutch bore the word c---. "That comes across as a clear insult to Muslims and Islam," said a Chicago-based representative of several Muslim groups, who requested anonymity.

Gaga was forced to cancel her show in Indonesia in June when she faced threats from extremist religious groups who threatened to intercept her at the airport and do whatever they needed to stop her show from taking place. In order to ensure her own personal safety and that of little monsters, she reluctantly called off the show.

Gaga plays by her own fashion rules, and not just with PETA. Something tells us she may not have realized the implications of pairing the face-concealing burqa with a purse stamped with an offensive word. Even she is capable of a fashion faux pas of a different sort, one that didn't offend fashion editors.

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