Lady Gaga is a lot of things. Fierce. Ferocious. Fabulous. Fashionable. A crusader. She’s also cute as hell, as this video of her singing to a doll while performing onstage in Singapore so deftly demonstrates. Gaga, looking part vixen, part siren in her black bodysuit, fishnet stockings and laced, knee-high boots, is seated when she handles the doll, which was thrown on stage by a fan, singing ‘Born This Way’ to it. Only at a Born This Way Ball Tour show can you see this type of stuff.

How adorbs is it when Gaga makes the doll dance to the 'BTW' melody? Seriously, we're dying of a cuteness overload. Too. Much. Cuteness. Cannot. Handle.

So much for cracking a nation’s moral code and tearing at a country's fabric of faith with a concert, right? We’re talking about the drama surrounding the Indonesian show, which was eventually canceled, thanks to a sect of extremists and protestors who managed to have the permit be pulled by threatening violence and other forms of chaos if the show went on as planned.

Gaga chose not to push back or to alter her show, citing concerns for her own safety and the well-being of all her beloved little monsters in the region. It was not an easily arrived at decision, but was likely for the best.

We hope all Indonesian little monsters missing the axed June 3 show will watch these clips and enjoy what they can. Gaga promised to make it up to them and there is no doubt she will. She tweeted: "I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown. #GagaSendsLoveToJakarta and all its people."

Again, isn’t she adorable? Sweeter than a cherry pie with Rheddi-Whip topping!

Watch Lady Gaga Sing to a Doll in Singapore