Lady Gaga's 'Scheisse' from 'Born This Way' is a strange mash up of digestible, American shopping mecca music and the thud of German nightclub electronica. Those are two cultural entities that couldn't be any different, but leave it to Gaga to force the issue through a song.

Gaga even sings in German throughout the tune, lacing it with that decidedly European edge; however, with its thumping beat, the song sounds like the music that is blared from the speakers in Abercrombie & Fitch or H&M franchise -- and you feel like you've been trapped in the subwoofer. On the flip side, the song is hardly basic. It's Lady Gaga; she doesn't do basic.

It's another Gaga-patented mix of hard and soft in the space of a single song. The German lyrics are exotic, which Gaga pairs with lots of dreamy "oh oh oh oh oh" parts. She also sings about being a strong woman but there's a thread of vulnerability there.

'Scheisse' is a glitzy, Eurotrash delight but it's also one of the least interesting songs on 'Born This Way' as the Gaga stamp of uniqueness isn't as bold or as definitive. Sure, most pop divas don't lace German in their songs, but aside from that dose of toughness, the song isn't Gaga's strongest.

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