Lady Gaga released the second alternate fashion video for her new single 'You & I.' The second clip is similar to the first in that it's black and white and is a truncated edit of the single. However, Gaga's look has changed drastically for this new clip. Of course it has. This clip is dubbed 'Haus of U ft. Bride' and Gaga's a little darker and looks to be morphing.

Here, the Mother Monster is dressed in all black, wearing the big-brimmed, Kentucky Derby-style hat that she sported in the official 'You & I' vid. In contrast to the first alternate, where she projected light, airy softness in a slip dress, she is encased in lots of adornment, such as the metal chin strap (also seen in the original vid) and the accoutrement on her arms. She is part-human, part-Mother-Monster, part-cyborg and all Gaga. There are other people in the video, of all ages and looks, too. But as for Gaga, she has shed the ballerina look in favor of pop 'Terminator.'

In a bold display, Gaga yanks off her beloved wig, which she views as emotional armor, and (almost) bares her chest. She is shirtless, covering her lady lumps with her hands and suggestively licks her fingers; it's like she is almost transforming into Jo Calderone, whom she also portrays in the official clip. We dig when she throws the metal horns up at 1:20 into the clip.

By the end of the vid, Gaga tosses the wig and shows off her shoulder-length blonde hair and bare back, wearing only Jo-like trousers.

This was the second of five 'You & I' fashion alternates. Bring on the third, Gaga.

Watch the Second 'You & I' Fashion Video