The first of five "fashion films" that Lady Gaga filmed at the same time as the "official" video for 'You & I' has been released. It's labeled as 'Haus of U' featuring Nymph.

Gaga is the only person to appear in the black and white clip, so we can only assume that this is Gaga-as-Nymph in the video. Gaga is wearing the simple white slip dress from the scene in the actual video where she is playing the piano in the middle of the cornfield in Nebraska as her BF Jo Calderone drinks and broods atop the instrument.

Gaga's hair is long and flowing and she dances like a ballerina throughout. It's the softest we've ever seen her. She looks natural and nearly barefooted; those look like nude flats on her feet. (She's giving her ankles and her arches a break from the heels for a hot two minutes!) There's no extreme winged cat eyed liner and no six-inch neck snapper platforms and that's ok;  she is  delicate, vulnerable, even. But she does appear to flip the bird at the camera at about 32 seconds in, in typical Gaga style.

Gaga is flowy, earthy, airy and ethereal, letting her natural beauty shine through. She shows us her tattoos and the only color bursts onto the screen at the end, as her cheeks blush with pink and her locks turn blonde atop her head.

With her delicate, saucer-sized eyes and ballet-like dance moves, Gaga once again surprises us, following up her turn as Jo Calderone at the VMAs with something unexpected.

It was directed by Inez and Vinoodh, for those keeping score at home.

Watch the First Lady Gaga Fashion Film