Lady Gaga, Space Cadet? Sort of!

Mother Monster will take flight and ascend into space. But she isn't merely content with being a passenger, like Justin Bieber or possibly Harry Styles. Instead, Gaga plans to be the first artist to perform a song in space and she will do so in 2015.

Us reports that Gaga will ascend in a Virgin Galactic ship and sing one song during Zero G Colony, a three-day, high-tech festival that will take place at the Spaceport America location in New Mexico. The event will boast a hybrid of top-tier entertainment and cutting edge technology. Oh, and Gaga singing while in space.

Gaga plans to bring her army of stylists with her on the shuttle, too. Well, duh. Gaga can't go into space as part of the biggest PR stunt of her career and not look fabulous! Let's hope they are getting some hazard pay.

But besides looking good, Gaga will embark on a rigorous routine to prepare for her space singing, since she has to sound flawless. The source said, "She has to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere."

Gaga's perf is slated for dawn on the third day of Zero G, which takes place six months after the first commercial flight of the Virgin Galactic. That maiden voyage is set for Christmas 2014, so by process of deduction, Gaga will perform in space in June 2015, provided everything goes according to plan with the initial launch. There is plenty margin for error when it comes to space travel, so these plans could all change at any time.

Gaga has also purchased a life insurance policy that is said to be "ridiculous." So she will be covered!

We always knew our gal Gaga was out of this world.