Lady Gaga says her role in A Star is Born allowed her to live out her dream as an actress.

The 32-year-old singer discussed her acting debut while promoting the movie Friday at the Venice Film Festival with director and co-star Bradley Cooper.

"I got to live my dream," she said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "I always wanted to be an actress."

Lady Gaga credited Cooper with casting her in the starring role of Ally, despite her inexperience as an actress.

"There can be 100 people in the room and 99 don't believe in you. You just need one to believe in you, and that was him," she said. "So I'm very lucky to be here."

The "Joanne" singer and Cooper said they enjoyed a mutual respect on set.

"He's such an amazing singer," Lady Gaga said of Cooper. "What I loved so much about working with Bradley is we had a true exchange. He accepted me as an actress, and I accepted him as a musician."

"We sang together for the first time, literally like 20 minutes after we just met," Cooper recalled. "When you see an artist of that caliber treat you like a peer, it's very empowering."

A Star is Born is based on the 1937 film of the same name, which was previously adapted as a 1954 musical starring Judy Garland and a 1976 rock musical with Barbra Streisand. Lady Gaga attributed the story's longevity to its universal themes.

"It's a story about love and about what Bradley refers to as the human plight of addiction. It was a remarkable experience for me," she said, according to Variety.

A Star is Born opens in theaters Oct. 5.

By Annie Martin,

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