The more famous Lady Gaga gets, the more people try and profit from her and end up suing her. Her former assistant Jennifer O'Neill is suing her, claiming she is owed several thousand hours of unpaid overtime.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, O'Neill worked for Gaga for a year and a month. O'Neill, 41, even went on tour with Gaga for her 2010 Monster Ball world tour and says she put in 7,168 hours of overtime that was unpaid and is therefore owed around $380,000 for her efforts. We understand O'Neill wanting to be compensated for all that time on the road and working for Gaga, but wouldn't it be freakin' cool to tour with Gaga and spend over 7,000 hours in her employ?

Hanging out with Gaga wasn't exactly a perk for O'Neill, who said she was subjected to satisfying her boss' whims around the clock. O'Neill, who drew a salary of $75,000 a year, claims she had to make sure Gaga had a towel immediately following a shower and that she had to make sure Gaga's wardrobe was ready to wear at all times.

She also served as the Mother Monster's personal alarm clock in order to make sure in the in-demand singer stayed on schedule. That latter part is part and parcel of a personal assistant gig. The assistant is essentially the time keeper and Gaga's schedule for the past few years has been backbreaking. It doesn't sound like O'Neill was tasked with doing anything out of the ordinary. And is it really that hard to hand Gaga a towel? It's not like she was breaking concrete or working construction.

O'Neill alleges that she was not allowed breaks to look after her own needs, like food and sleep. She is also not the first assistant to go public about working with and for the Mother Monster. Angela Ciemny claims she had to sleep alongside Gaga most nights, since she hated to be alone. If you believe O'Neill and Ciemny, Gaga is a (mother) monster to work for.

O'Neill filed suit in New York City against Gaga's Mermaid Touring arm. Gaga's camp says the suit is without merit.