Lady Gaga can relate to teenagers who experience bullying in school, because she was the victim of verbal and physical abuse during her middle and high school years.

Gaga tells The Guardian that, even as a teen, she was a non-conformist, which made her a target.

"I'm eccentric and talkative and audacious and theatrical, and I used to get picked on. I got thrown in a trash can on a street corner once by some boys who were hanging out with girls in my class. [I felt] worthless. Embarrassed. Mortified. I was 14. Three boys put me in it. The girls were laughing when they did it.

"I got profanity written all over my locker at school and all the others were nice and clean. I got pinched in the hallways and called a slut."

Gaga has addressed being bullied several times before, in interviews and on stage, saying, "Bullying really stays with you your whole life, and it really, really never goes away."

Her single 'Born This Way' has been adopted as a human rights anthem, and the singer donated some of the proceeds from the country version of the song to GLSEN, which helps fight bullying in schools.

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