Having your boyfriend over for a dinner with family is beyond normal, but when it comes to Lady Gaga, she jacks it up a notch and takes her boyfriend to her family's Italian restaurant, aka trattoria. Gaga brought her handsome actor honey Taylor Kinney to Joanne, the New York City restaurant her father Joe Germanotta opened and named after his beloved, late sister and Gaga's aunt.

Gaga has been known to make appearances at the establishment, but her weekend visit was certainly to show off both her BF and her family's business.

The concept of food and eating is extremely important to Italian culture, so the fact that Gaga brought Kinney to spend time with her family and dine with them on their turf looks like a major deal and a step forward in their relationship.

While Kinney was dressed uber casual with jeans and a gray tee, Gaga was ever fashionable in black booties and black shades, which are part and parcel of her public uniform and persona this summer. But she really rocked it with that amazing, swing-style, military cape in navy blue. We love the gold detailing and buttons. It’s such a feminized version of this tailored (and ultimately somewhat masculine) look.

We wonder what the couple noshed on at the eatery.

The couple that eats together, stays together!

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