The Queen' by Lady Gaga is an epic, dance-floor ready tune that is one of three bonus tracks that appear on the deluxe edition of 'Born This Way.' While it's a nice additional piece for the biggest monsters to feast on, it's not a crucial song or a can't-live-without-it album cut.

Full of regal energy, Gaga's life-affirming lyrical sentiments and fast, pulsating beats, 'The Queen' could easily be used in a commercial, and it's quite sonically similar to the far superior 'Edge of Glory' from 'Born This Way.' We're not suggesting that Gaga recycled this song; it's just not as good as the album cut that is 'Edge of Glory' and there is probably a reason 'The Queen' didn't make the standard version's cut. Just sayin'.

Gaga declares "I can be the queen you need me to be" and it's certainly a proclamation to the all the little monsters who look to her for support, guidance and encouragement and who view her as their royal ruler, metaphorically speaking, of course.

Gaga continues to play with diction and dynamics, dragging out the syllables when she sings "queen, queen, queen." The song also has an unpredictable guitar solo tucked in the middle of it, before Gaga goes a capella. She sounds a wee bit like Gwen Stefani when she delivers her "Woah oh oh" parts, too. Then here's this tropical guitar part that helps close out the song. It's rare and interesting, just like our Mother Monster herself.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'The Queen'