Lady Gaga didn't just write a song called 'Donatella' for 'ARTPOP.' She is in deep with the Versace fashion house, serving as a spokesmodel for the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. Mama Monster is paying homage to Donatella, the doyenne of the luxe brand, with her latest ad, in which she poses topless.

Gaga tweeted the pic: "Happy New Years from HAUS OF GAGA and @Versace!"

Her long, mermaid-like blonde locks cover her boobies, preventing a nip slip, while she's rocking loads of accessories in the form of a thick, double looped necklace, a belt with a maj buckle and rings on every finger, which sit right before the knuckle.

Gaga is also rocking black print pants and orange matte lipstick, and has one hand over her pretty head.

For her first ad, she wore a glam, ruched lavender gown. This ad offers more of a rock 'n' roll look from Gaga.

Gaga isn't afraid to go topless, especially for high fashion purposes.