The Christian protest, the banning of her show for South Koreans under the age of 18, and the rain have not dampened Lady Gaga's spirits, as she tweeted photos of herself inside the empty (and soaked) Seoul Olympic Stadium in South Korea. The stadium is the kick off site of her Born This Way Ball, which launches on Friday (April 27.) She's singing in the rain with while teetering on major black platform boots. Of course her umbrella matches her outfit. That's our Gaga.

Gaga tweeted: "Me at the Seoul Olympic Stadium freaking out!"

She looks adorable in her all black ensemble, holding her umbrella, in the empty stadium that will soon be filled with tons and tons of her little monsters over the age of 18.

She also tweeted: "Imagine when it's full. I love that it's raining, so NEW YORK of you Korea! Photos by @tarasavelo xoxo wee!"

Gaga is clearly in love with South Korea and is stoked be taking the stage, even though the show has been met with controversy. It is beyond classy of her to be so positive and happy and share photos, instead of bellyaching about the protests. Gaga is taking the high road and we love her for it.

The Mother Monster plans to put on amazing show for So Ko little monsters. She tweeted: "will perform the tour of your life if it f*cking kills me. #BTWBallTourRehearsal"

Notice that she censored the curse word in her tweet. In her Oprah special, her mother Cynthia mentioned that she doesn't approve of Gaga cursing on stage and to fans, having said her daughter is effective without the potty mouth. Maybe Gaga is listening to Ma G and cleaning up her language.