Daaaaang, lookin' good Lady Gaga and Beyonce! The 'Telephone' and 'Videophone' duet partners wore the same 1992 Versace bondage dress in two different magazine spreads (Gaga for Cosmo and Beyonce for Complex), but which one of these super fine dominatrixes (not really) wore it best?

Bondage gear is nothing out of the ordinary for Gaga, who looks like a modern day Marilyn Monroe meets flog-wielding BDSM mistress in this high-fashion getup. Her milky white skin looks gorgeous against the shiny black leather and gold buckles, but does she even stand a chance against Beyonce, who could wear last week's garbage bag and still look fiercer than the world's best runway model? The Versace dress flatters the curvaceous figure of Blue Ivy's mama, and the collar further elongates her slender, beautiful neck.

There's no question that both women rock the leather straps off of that Versace dress, but who do you believe wore it best? Cast your vote below!