While Lana Del Rey has certainly come a long way from her days spent as Lizzy Grant, her life hasn't changed completely. The 'Video Games' singer revealed that she even still has her old day job ... Babysitting!

Despite looking ever the usual rockstar glam, clad in a leather jacket and her trademark loose waves and mile-long false eyelashes, Del Rey insists she's normal. She sat down for an interview to promote her newly leaked album, 'Born to Die' (out Jan. 31) -- and perhaps it services as an au pair in case the whole music thing doesn't work out.

"People would be surprised to know that I live a really quiet life ... I do a lot of the same things every day when I'm home," Del Rey told MTV. "I still have my same babysitting job!" she laughed. "I babysit twice a week." she continued, giggling. "When I'm here ... that's what I do, because it's something I've been doing for a while," she said. "But I have been traveling a lot."

LDR will be traveling even more to promote 'Born to Die' while her hype is still at a fever pitch. She's playing the SXSW Festival in March and launching a club tour this fall.

Del Rey revealed that she babysits for one 10-year-old boy -- and that he knows that she's "Lana Del Rey." "He's very with it."

Lucky for Lana, her 'Saturday Night Live' stint probably aired way past his bedtime.

Watch Lana Del Rey Discuss Her Babysitting Job