Lana Del Rey has finally shared "Honeymoon," the title track on her upcoming album, after a month of promo that included Instagram posts from an account wholly dedicated to the full-length. Despite the fact that Lana's called Honeymoon "a beautiful retro record"  — and indicated that it hews closer to Born to Die's sound than the new, rock-tinged sonic territory of Ultraviolence — we still weren't expecting her to come out of the gate with such full-on, torch song balladry.

As history reflects, however, Lana prefers a slow burn when it comes to choosing her lead albums singles. Did she debut Born to Die with "Diet Mountain Dew," in all its hip-hop, soda-referencing glory? Nope, she went with "Video Games," and it seeded a fandom that proved louder than the chorus of her initial naysayers. On her Paradise EP promo, "Ride" (and its accompanying video) reasserted Lana's preoccupation with loneliness, wanderlust and seedy Americana.

"West Coast" announced Del Rey's foray into hazy psych-rock, and now "Honeymoon" heralds a return to chanteuse form — not that she ever fully departed from it, and the dreamy cover of "The Other Woman" that closed Ultraviolence all but brought us full circle.

And now, LDR stans, it's time for a tough call. What's the very best Lana lead single: "Video Games," "Ride," "West Coast" or "Honeymoon"? Vote in our poll below!

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