Lana Del Rey purrs and plays with diamonds on the cover of Lovecat.

The 'Video Games' singer is looking like a Bond girl sex kitten on the cover of the mag's 'Women Who Rock' issue. She's also playing with a massive diamond throughout the spread. She uses this particularly huge rock as a monocle and like a piece of candy she sucks on. We told you it was sex kitten. Rawr!

Lovecat gave MTV Style the scoop on the issue, which drops Feb.17. Del Rey just ditched a whole mess of tour dates but that's not stopping her from ascending to the status of cover girl. The girl is occupying so much cover real estate on the back of her much criticized first album 'Born to Die.' Remember, she just covered Q, Complex and British Vogue. Now there's Lovecat.

How's she looking? Amazing! Her auburn waves are shiny. Her make up is thick, black cat eye. Her brows are sculpted. Her mouth is painted pink, but it's that diamond between her teeth inside the spread that's going to get everyone talking. She brings new meaning to "blinged out!" She wears gold teeth and eats diamonds. Can you say oral fixation?

The publication shared one nugget of info from the story, where LDR reveals falling from a tree house as a child. We find out the girl born Lizzy Grant has a sister.

Here's what Lana revealed:

"When I was young, I had a tree house and in order to get to the top of it, me and my sister had to climb up a satin Christmas ribbon. One day, on my way up the ribbon snapped and I fell 15 feet on to a fire pit. I broke my ribs and never told anyone except my mother. Last year I stopped into a Unitarian church and and a man came up to me out of the blue and told me he was a clairvoyant and that the reason why I had a shallow, breathy voice was because I had fallen out of a tree house 15 years ago. I still can’t get over how strange it is that he knew that."

Wonder if said clairvoyant can predict when Lana Del Rey will tour.