Lana Del Rey has moved from one controversial rocker to another. After being linked with Marilyn Manson, the 'Blue Jeans' singer is now rumored to be dating Guns n' Roses frontman Axl Rose.

Last night, Del Rey, 25, was spotted leaving Chateau Marmont with Rose, who, at 50, is twice her age. Del Rey was snapped at Guns n' Roses show last month. A testament to her affections, Del Rey actually recorded a song called 'Axl Rose Husband' before she was famous -- back when she was known as Lizzie Grant.

TMZ cameras caught Del Rey and Rose hopping into an SUV together. Del Rey moves so quickly that if you blink you may miss her, but we get a good glimpse of Rose, who sports a white shirt that Del Rey would likely adore for herself. They actually look pretty cute together, especially since they have matching coppery brown hair.

The pair weren't openly affectionate in the brief glimpse photogs got of them, but it's clear they were together, whether it was a personal or a professional meeting. Del Rey went into the back of the waiting vehicle and Rose almost joined her, changing his mind at the last minute to sit in the front. Good cover!