Congrats, Lana Del Rey! The stunning singer was named Beauty of the Week in PEOPLE.

The pillow-lipped singer takes a more natural look in the issue than her Vargas-girl glam in British Vogue. The New Yorker has a California look, with her long auburn hair in loose, beachy waves, neutral makeup and shorter lashes than usual. She dons hoop earrings big enough to dunk in, a white top and a thick gold chain.

In an accompanying behind-the-scenes video, Del Rey reveals that she thinks she looks best when she's onstage giving it her all. "All in white, hot, summer time, outdoor stages," she mused.

"I love being on an outdoor stage in the summertime because I can feel the wind, and I'm usually wearing a dress, especially if we're somewhere like Paris or somewhere romantic," she said. "It's just the ideal setting to just get crazy and jazzy."

So when does the 'Blue Jeans' singer not feel so hot? "I feel my worst when I get back really late from a concert and then I don't sleep," she said. "And then I have to work the next day!"

Del Rey also revealed that she tends to gravitate toward angelic hues. "I usually wear white. I love lots of white sweaters, white dresses, lots of gold, diamonds ... and that's pretty much it!" We wish everyone could afford her sense of style!

Watch Lana Del Rey Behind-the-Scenes of Her PEOPLE Shoot